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Tiếng Anh Ngành Kỹ Thuật [K1] - Unit 5: Safety

Thứ ba - 09/02/2016 18:10
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Recorder 11
 [C =  Customer; H =  Helpline]
C:  Hello. I wonder if you  can help me.
H:  I'll try!
C:  I've Just bought a used car - it's a Cordoba 1.8 and it doesn't have an owner's manual. The problem is, I've got a yellow warning light on the dashboard. It's shaped like a warning triangle in a circular arrow.
H:  I think I know what that is.  It's the ABS.
C:  ABS?
H:  Yes, the Anti-lock Braking  Systern. How is the car handling.  For example, do you need to take any correction action when you brake?
c:  Yes, when I brake heaviIy,  I have to counter-steer to the left
H:  I see.. That’s  the problem. You need to take it in to a dealer.
C:  Is it safe to drive?
H :  Yes,  it is..  But you should have  it checked out as soon as possible.
2 .
C:  Hello, I’ve got a problem with my car and I dont know what  the warning light on my dashboad mean
H:  Where exactly is the warning light and what colour is it?
C:  It's in the middle of the warning  panel and it’s red.
H:  What shape is it?
C:  Well, I'm looking at it now.  It's square-shaped. with a bit sticking out.
H:  Aah! That indicates that one of  your door  isn’t  closed.
C:  I've  checked those already.
H:  What about the rear door? Have you checked that side doors
or the rear door isn't securely closed, the warning light will come on.
3 .
C:  Hello. Can you help me ,vith a warning  on dashboard?
H:  Of course. Where is it and what does it look  like?
C:  It's red and it's in the shape of an oil can
H:  Is it on all  the time?
C:  No ,  I've been monitoring it all day.  It just comes on from time 10 time.
H:  Right. That's the warning light for oil pressure.
C:  Should I change the oil?
H:  No ,  that's not necessary. But you must top up the. car with engine oil.
Don't drive anywhere until you've done that
4 .
C:  Hello. Can you help me? I've got a problem with the car that I bought  from you last month.
H:  Which model?
C:  It's a Bari 220s.
H:  And what exactly is the problem?
C:  I'm getting vibration in the steering wheel. That's  when I driving at more  than 80  kilometres per hour.
H:  Any warning signs on the dashboard?
C:  Yes.  It's orange and shaped like a tyre.
H:  I see.  Do you see the LED  display on your dashboard:! Scroll down to “tyre sensors” and click.
C:  Aah!
H:  What's the display now?
C:  It says:  'Front nearside tyre, incorrect pressure’.
H:  Scroll down a bit.
C:  Aah!  Now it says:  'Above maximum pressure: deflate’
H:  So that's  the problem. The tyre is owner-inflated so you need to let some  air out, using a reliable lyre pressure gauge
C:  Hello. I may have a  problem with my car. I've just bought a  used  car  and a  warning light has just lit up on the dashboard.  The  problem is,  there isn't a  manual in the car.
H:  What colour is the  warning light  and what does it look like?
C:  It's red and it's shaped like a  petrol pump.
H:  Is it a  visual or an audible signal, or both?
C:  There’s a  loud  audible warning whe n  I tum on the ignition.
H:  What' s the fuel  gauge showing?
C:  It’s very  low. The needle is  pointing into the red section.
H:  Then you have less than eight litres in your petrol tank.  You need  to fill  up at once.
Recorder 12
 H:  How is the car handling? For example, do you need to  take  any  corrective action when you brake?
C:  Yes. When I brake heavily,  I have to counter - steer to  the  left.
2 .
H:  Where exactly is  the warning light and what colour is  it?
C:  It's in the middle of the warning lights panel and it's  red.
3 .
H:  Is it  on all the time?
C: No.  I have  been monitoring it  all day.  It just comes on from  time  to  time.
4 .
H:  And what exactly is the problem?
C:  I’m  getting vibration in  the steering wheel.
5 .
H:  Is it a  visual or an audible signal, or both?
C:  There’s  a  loud audible warning when I tum on the ignition.
Recorder 13
A:  I sent you a  proposal about a  new in-car warning system that would  warn drivers when they get too close to the vehicle in front.  For  example  this could  be a  tactile or audible warning .
B:  In other words, you're suggesting  a  beep or something that makes the  steering wheel v'ibrate.
C:  I agree with thal I think we're on the right lines.  By the way, talking of  lines.  I was late today because of a  pile-up in  the fog.  I think  a  lorry had gone off the road and ...
A:  Yes. yes. Anyway, you 're here now, so let's get back to the subject.  Alternatively, we could have a visual warning sign, for instance one that  was flashed onto the inside of the driver windscreen.
B:  I don'l think that's a  good idea. There are too many flashing lights already when you're driving.
A:  Well, what about a system based on different sensors, to monitor  things like the distance from the vehicle in front, your speed , the road conditions and the extennal temperature? Then we're combining different factors.
C:  That sounds good. So, an audible or tactile warning system related  to  different factors.


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