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Tiếng Anh Ngành Kỹ Thuật [K1] - Unit 4: Careers

Thứ ba - 09/02/2016 10:52
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Recorder 8
[I =  Interviewer ; L  =  Laura]
I:  Thank you for coming in for an interview, Ms Gallini. I've read through  your CV and I'd just like to check a few details. You 've  applied for the post of Technician, but we currently have two technician posts vacant. Which job are you interested in?
L:  I'm particularly interested in the job of Technician for  New Product Development.
I:  OK. I see that you 're currently working at Horton Engineering as a Junior Technician .
L:  Actually, I'm now a Senior Technician, since last month
I:  I see . Good! And how long have you worked there?
L:  I joined in 2008, so I've been there since then, until now.  I' m  sorry,  it  says  2005 on my CV;  but the correct date is 2008.
I:  And what are your responsibilities in your current job?
L:  Most of the time I work on quality control and product testing. But  I'm  currently helping develop a new product. That involves building a prototype. It's a company secret, so I can' t say much about the  project.
I:  Fair enough!  Now, exactly what kind of business is your company in?
L:  We're involved in robotics, and medical engineering as well . So,  more or less the same field as yourselves.
I:  Mmm. I see you started your career before you went to university. How long did you work at Farley Marine?
L:  I worked there for two years, from 2003 until 2005.  By the way, they 've changed their name. They were taken over a couple of years ago, and now their name is BAMC pic.
I:  Right. What was your job description there? And what did you do every day?
L:  I was an Apprentice Engineer.  Most of the time I did machining and
finishing. But at the end I was doing some quality control work, too.
I:  Excellent.  And then you went on to Albany College of Engineering. How long did your course last?
L:  It was a three-year course. I went there in 2005  ...
I:  And you got your qualification at the end of it, I see, in 2008.
L:  That's right. I was awarded a Bachelor of Applied Sciences. The course involved all th e sciences, but I specialised in Physics and Mechanical Engineering.
I:  And why do you want to leave  Horton Engineering?
L:  It's a small company, so I'd like to move to a bigger company that has a  bigger R&D department and a greater product range. I'd really like to try my hand .. .
Recorder 9
1. Which job are you interested in?
2  How  long have you worked there?
3  What are your responsibilities in your current job?
4  Exactly what kind of business is your company in?
5  How long did you work at Farley Marine?
6  What was your job description there?
7  How  long did your course  last?
8  Why do you want to leave Horton Engineering?
Recorder 10
First syllable stressed:
compe tence
Second syllable stressed:
Third syllable stressed:

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