Technical English - Unit 6: Planning

Sunday - 21/02/2016 03:53
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Unit 6 planning
Unit 6 planning

Recorder 14
 [I  =  Inteniewer;  E =  Expert]
I:  Do you think that carbon emissions will push up global temperatures?
E:  We've  already had an increase in global temperatures of zero point five degrees Celsius.  In  future, if no action is  taken, we can expect a  further rise in global temperatures of between two and three degrees Celsius by 2060.
I:  Is that certain?
E:  No. But it's a  75% possibility.
I:  Is this the worst that could happen in  the future?
E:  By no means. There's a  50% chance that average global temperatures could rise by five  degrees Celsius, also by 2060.
I:  So how could  we avoid this?
E:  Well, we need to stabilise our carbon emissions by 2030. After that, we would need to reduce emissions by between  1% and 3%.
I:  I see. What are your views on switching energy sources?
E:  In our opinion, it’s essential to promote all  the technologies for cleaner  energy  and cleaner transport. We should aim to have non-carbon-based fuels accounting for 60% of energy output by 2050.
I:  So will that reduce carbon emissions in the long term?
E:  Yes, it will. We need to set two new European targets: to  reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2020, and by 60% by 2050.
I:  What was that last figure?
E:  Our carbon emissions in  2050 need to be 60% lower than they are now.
I:  Thank you for clarifying those parts of your report.
Recorder 15
1 Do you think that carbon emissions will  push up global temperatures?
2  Is  this the worst that could happen in the future?
3  So how could we a void this?
4  What are your view s on switching energy sources?
5  So will  that reduce carbon emissions in the long term?
Recorder 16
Verbs                                            Compound nouns
condense                                       bio  fuel
consume                                        carbon capture and storage
convert                                          clean coal technology
desulphurise                                  collection  plate
emit                                               flue gas
gasify                                            iron filing
humidify                                       power plant

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